Moving time  8小时 56分钟

时间  10小时 33分钟

航迹点数 20774

上传日期 2019年4月27日

记录日期 四月 2019

947 m
116 m
162.45 km

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邻近 Yingchuancun, Anhui (China)

Dirty 2019
river to left
Go right onto good road
turn left. dont go through village. river should be to right.
go left under motorway. away from river. gravel concrete road leading to climb.
Sharp left uphill
Go down right. not towards the village
Go straight into the village a few 100m ahead
Dismount and go straight on through the village following the path slightly to the left.
Find the stairs down the hills. A 10 to 15 minute walk down.
At the bottom of the stairs / walk down go over the bridge
After the single track take a right after the rock path meets the road
at main town take a right
Stop here for refeshments
go right at the junction
Dirty riders go left here
go over the bridge and take a left right after it turning back under it.
left down under bridge
go under bridge
you've hit the flagstone section
straight back onto concrete
turn right going over the bridge to the steep climb.
Rest and refreshments at the top.
Left down the mud gravel road
through the field toward the gravel road.
sharp right up a sharp hill
right onto the double track
right on the tarmac road
Left up the concrete road
onto the gravel road.
up the hill
left at the bottom
Left in the village
Left up here to a nice concrete road.
Right down the hill
Left on the road back to Sanyang
Back up to the cafe


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