82 m
-2 m
504.47 km

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邻近 Fenglin, Taipei (Taiwan)

Cycling from 2018-10-27T12:32:20.909Z to 2018-10-27T15:54:44.000Z. Distance 53875m
歷史地標 from 2018-10-26T17:06:59.000Z to 2018-10-26T17:09:07.000Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-26T21:03:32.169Z to 2018-10-26T21:44:13.653Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-26T23:17:51.972Z to 2018-10-26T23:49:27.797Z. Distance 0m
from 2018-10-27T01:21:10.490Z to 2018-10-27T01:35:12.136Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T02:48:29.605Z to 2018-10-27T03:08:49.000Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T04:00:54.000Z to 2018-10-27T04:12:41.000Z. Distance 0m
遊客中心 from 2018-10-27T06:40:15.331Z to 2018-10-27T07:03:44.428Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T07:48:45.000Z to 2018-10-27T08:23:26.000Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T11:34:11.410Z to 2018-10-27T12:32:20.909Z. Distance 0m
加油站 from 2018-10-27T15:54:44.000Z to 2018-10-27T16:07:03.000Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T17:01:50.000Z to 2018-10-27T17:12:49.000Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T17:46:16.438Z to 2018-10-27T18:05:56.395Z. Distance 0m
便利商店 from 2018-10-27T20:28:10.000Z to 2018-10-27T20:42:56.886Z. Distance 0m


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