280 m
136 m
13.88 km

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near Ás, Vesturland (Lýðveldið Ísland)

Beautiful trail running in Húsafell area. I followed most of the hiking trail No 7 (there are maps with all the hiking trails of this area at the hotel and the swimming pool). The trail starts by the hotel. The fist part of the trail is marked with poles (then the poles continue uphill, but that is a differetn trail, see waypoint on the map). The trail goes firstly through a birch forest and then through a lava field with a fantastic view of the mountains and glaciers around. I couldn't find the last part of the trail, so I went back to the hotel along the road 518.

Take the small path on the left



Do not follow the poles anymore from here.


    You can or this trail