Time  one hour 54 minutes

Coordinates 1264

Uploaded 2015年6月4日

Recorded 五月 2015

259 m
3 m
13.79 km

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near Párga, Epirus (Greece)

Lazy trail run around Parga.

0,0k at 20m - start from my hotel at the entrance to the town from Preveza side (east). First going some 200m with main road and very quickly right into some narrow local roads. After another 200m steep climb starts and follows all the way up to Ag Eleni church.

1,5k at 210m - Ag Eleni. Small church hidden in the woods with awesome panoramic views. Then back to the main dirt road in direction to Lichnos. A bit up at the beginning and then all the way down back to main asphlat road.

4,3k at 115m - Main road. A bit of boring section on the national road. After ~1k right and again ascending.

6,2k at 140m - a bit of wondering around to find proper local road... Then back to olive forest offerinf some nice cool shadow.

7,9k at 180m - Small church and water spring. Quick stop for a snack and water refill. Continueing with same dirt road.

9,6k at 130m - Another small water spring and crossroads. I decided to go a bit up to find some view point for panoramic shot of Parga. After a bit of path searching I finally got to small church with nice open view :-D
Then I descended back to the town and with asphalt road down to Valtos beach.

12,2k at 5m - Valtos beach. Huge and very nice one! Calm and deserted at 8am :-P
A bit of ascent via the castle back to the port in Parga and then to the hotel.

13,8k at 10m - aaaa, quick stop in tha bakery for a breakfast shopping and morning coffee ;-D

I mark it moderate as it has ~500m altitude gain overall. But I did it in relaxing tempo with lots of photo stops. Great views and some nice small dirt roads among olive trees.



back on asphalt


right and uphill


small mistake

Sacred architecture

small church and water spring


view point from small church


valtos beach


Castle (closed in the morning :-/)


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