2,887 m
1,593 m
14.47 km

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邻近 Arinsal, La Massana (Andorra)

Very easy trail to follow. Start in the free carpark by the ski chairlift at the top or arinsal. Or you can go under the tunnel and find another parking a few hundred meters closer.

You can grab a little map in the nature park wooden hut if it is open, and follow that.

You start with yellow markings

Then you will have most of the trail with yellow and red white (GR) markings.

When you get to the hut around 2200 metres follow signs for Estany Negre.

From that point it is the only path. You will go through one small lake and then the Estany Negre lake.

After that one, you will have a fork. You need to stop following red-white markings then and go up a sandy-small stone steepish slope until you get to Coma Pedrosa.

My GPS lost signal so don´t follow my GPS as it has some bizarre connection between two GPS points on the way up.

Actual ascent and descent is about 1400 metres. You start around 1600 metres and you peak at 2943 so that´s 1343 metres. Add a few extra 50-100 metres for some intermediate ups and downs and you are at the 1400 metre ascent-descent level.

There are sources of fresh water all the way up to 2700 metres (the last lake).

Net moving time a little short of 3 hours.. terrain is reasonably rocky so you don´t go that fast when going down.