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邻近 Le Havre, Haute-Normandie (France)


  • Cockney 2012-4-26

    Hi Jazzy
    We are riding KTM690s in 'The Vince' in the Pyrennes in Sept and want to ride back to Cherbourg or Le Harve off road as much as possible.
    Saw your route and wanted to know more.
    It saws difficult, which is good, and 292 miles, also good. Can you tell me how much was offroad and what type of terrain etc.
    Also, any help with other trails to complete our trip would be greatly appreciated
    PS Where are you located?

  • casey101 2012-12-26

    Was this done in a plane? there are no breaks in the hedges for any tracks to go through.

  • Hart084 2013-1-11

    This is not difficult or even off road, just a plotted bloody road route!

  • 的照片 jazzy

    jazzy 2013-1-11

    what Hart said.

    It's a road route!

  • Passaretti David 2019-8-7

    Well not a road route, neither a trail of any sort. The things is going through cultivated area, right in the middle of them, and if it could be fun to have a ride in the middle of a corn field, I guess this is a no go from the land owner (always ready to spoil the fun those one)

You can or this trail