502 m
261 m
14.5 km

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邻近 Reç, Shkodër (Albania)

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This rather easy but rewarding half day tour has a good variety: Different terrains, natural attractions, as well as scenic views. From the village of Rec you climb over some half 4x4- half donkey-tracks, before you reach an asphalt road for another short climb. This takes you up to the village of “Qafe Grade”, surrounded by green fields and the rocky mountains looming in the background. After the village it’s a natural dirt road, on which you climb further with some ups and downs. In this area you will bike through some beautiful chestnut woods. Turning point of this tour is a small pond close to an old tree and a viewpoint down to the plains of lake Shkodra. Enjoy a rest, before the same route takes you back, with the exception that for the downhill to Rec you now completely use the asphalt road.

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