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上传日期 2018年7月11日

记录日期 七月 2018

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邻近 Vilalleons, Catalunya (España)

No surprises here, as the route goes back over itself. Only to confirm that there is a non-cycleable part before Collformic, as confirmed by the debate on the original track from user "pinoclaros"
My last track cuts off at Collformic, because my phone was running dangerously low on battery. To get back to the starting point from there, I used the last half of my "Double ascent" route, which heads down dirt track on the valley walls for the first half of the way, then road for the rest of the way down to Sant Esteve de Palautordera. This way is mostly down hill, but if you want to avoid the main roads, and don't mind some more climbing, the first half of that same track could be used as well, passing back over the Pla de la Calma, and past the Eremita de Sant Elies.


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