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邻近 Montesquiu, Catalunya (España)

Like "day 4 part 1", the route keeps following the Ter river quite closely, and then after the town of Roda de Ter it returns to the original "Meridian" route, which I followed when heading out.
The trail is varied. There are only a couple of tricky places, steep, rocky, slanted and narrow, there's some country road with little traffic, a stretch of trail right next to the highway, a lot of farmland views, and then some park-like zones on the rivers edge, leading up to and around the town of Manlleu.
After that it's back to the trail described in days 1 and 2 of the trip, although I chose a different spot to camp, where I enjoyed the first night of the trip without rain...

The Ter river

Almost constant companion from Camprodon to Roda de Ter

Tricky rocks


Country road

Paved country road, narrow and with zero traffic when I was there.

Crossing here

This is what this section of road looks like after it rains for a few days. My guess is that it doesn't look like this in dryer conditions. Crossing was actually no problem, as the water was shallow and the concrete not slippery.
Sports facility

Skate park

I was a skater growing up, and this circular park looked quite fun.

Mountains of the Montseny park.

In the distance...

Funny rocks

Precariously deposited as the soft red soil eroded around them.


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