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邻近 Tregurà de Baix, Catalunya (España)

During the descent to Camprodon, dirt track gives way to paved track, and then to 2-lane asphalt road. When I reached Camprodon, everything was still closed, so I decided to push on southward without stopping.
Even though this route is much easier than the route I took north, and follows the main roads quite closely most of the time, it takes some interesting detours through some beautiful places along the way, stays very close to the Ter river all the way to the town of Roda de Ter. There are also a few, surprisingly technical, sections that pop up from time to time.
Due to problems with the Wikiloc app, most probably because of memory problems with my phone, the track cuts off at the spot where I had lunch and dried my stuff, a bit before the Montesquiu castle.
Part 2 picks up from the castle, where I realized something was wrong.

Camp site


Heading east



Heading into the Camprodon valley.

Aqueduct and old mining operation

There's an information plaque here

Sant Joan de les abadesses

The route crosses itself here, and you get a different perspective on the town of Sant Joan de les abadesses

Trial track?


Interesting detour


Crossing the Ter (again)

Train stop

Train station, trains to Vic / Barcelona

This station seemed too secluded to be of much use, but then a train actually stopped there as I was passing by.

Slippery when wet

This is one of the more technical "detours". Some parts were very hard to climb, because of all the rocks and roots still being wet from the rain. I had to get off the bike a couple of times.

Drying clothes and tarp

And especially my soaked shoes...


    You can or this trail