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邻近 Corralejo, Canarias (España)

We leave at the bikecenter at 09:30 am heading south. Shortly after Corralejo we leave the main road and switch to a dirt track, that runs alongside the road through the so called 'Malpais', the bad land, to Tamaragua.

There we have to get back on the main road as we head towards Lajares, passing a 40 000 years old chain of vulcanoes on the border to the 'Malpais'. In Lajares we turn north and drive down a stripe of tarmac road, bringing us to the wild North Shore and the small Fishing Village of Majanicho. From there we follow the North Shore, a dirt track that a few years back was only passable with a 4 wheel drive, back to Corralejo. It´s a perfect tour for beginners, because it stays on concrete roads most of the time and doesn´t have any major climbs or downhills, yet it gives a pretty good overview of the North of Fuerteventura.





Calderón Hondo


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