430 m
199 m
16.01 km

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邻近 Hexham, England (United Kingdom)

Great mountain bike or fell running loop trail over the Hexhamshire Common and around Westburnhope Moor, along bridleways and dirt tracks. Starting at Crabtree Ford, the route takes a steep climb of 1 in 8 for 0.5km before easing off to a gradual climb, passing Rowley Wood. 1km further along is a bridleway crossroads sign, indicating Allendale Town 3 miles westward. A further 1km along the route is the steep gully of Backstone Cleugh, and once negotiated the appearance of Stobb Cross can be seen on the distant horizon 1.5km away. Just before Stobb Cross, another crossroads sign indicates directions to Allendale Town, Sinderhope and Harwood. Stobb Cross makes a good rest-stop and provides expansive views from its 400m vantage, showing the next 5km of route to be covered towards Harwood and the Broad Way. The route descends then climbs again reaching the Pipelines, with interesting stonework. 0.5km further along is Hangman Hill and the crossroads for the Broad Way, with Rowantree Cleugh to the right. Turn left here heading north along the rocky Broad Way, passing near Watson's Pike and reaching the highest point of the trail at 429m. The remaining 6km of trail is almost all downhill, with a descent of 230m, great for the legs at this stage. At the end of the Broad Way the trail joins a short stretch of tarmac before heading along a public footpath through Kingslaw Plantation and past Rowley Head, down to rejoin Crabtree Ford.

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  • David Crompton 2012-11-8

    If you wish to start at Allendale climb on Shilburn Road then take first right and next left at t-junction (avoid the Lonkley Terrace climb) and then the track onto the moor on the left that takes you to Stobbs Cross. In summer conditions the route is only 1.5-2 hours long.

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