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  • 的照片 White Pocket
  • 的照片 White Pocket
  • 的照片 White Pocket

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上传日期 2012年7月6日

记录日期 五月 2012

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邻近 One Mile, Arizona (United States)

The area of White Pocket on the Paria Plateau in Northern Arizona is very impressive.
The "White Pocket" area to the east is seldom visited, probably because of its remoteness and/or the requirement of 4WD to access the area.
The impressive White Pocket will fill the senses beyond imagination!
The drive to the swirling, twisted, multicolored natural artwork is an adventure in its own right, the exploration by foot is endless.
We spended just a couple of hours, "White Pocket" will surely become "top of the top" in the list of special places.
There is no formal trail,just wandering and exploring.
This area has colors, shapes and textures that are hard to beat, but remember that it is an extremely fragile environment.

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    molinet 2012-7-14

    Thanks for sharing, I agree. https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-alle-terrein/white-pocket-3042239/photo-1255461

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