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  • 的照片 Deer lake
  • 的照片 Deer lake
  • 的照片 Deer lake
  • 的照片 Deer lake

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邻近 Greata, British Columbia (Canada)

This trail has a little bit of everything easy to difficult depending on the weather you may need lockers, winch etc.. to achieve this trail. This trail is protected by the Eneas & Dark Lake Provincial Parks. This trail takes you throw some spectacular sceneries and views along the way you will start at Dark Lake and wind through the trails to Deer Lake.

Please treat this trail as well as all trails with respect bring out what you bring in. At the end of this trail there is a couple of old trapper cabins and a lake called Tsuh Lake in English Deer Lake that respectful trail enthusiasts have been keeping one of the cabins inhabitable. it is a great place to visit and if you are cold you can light a fire in the cabin that has a fire stove and use it for shelter. I have been going here for years with family and friends.

Let us all preserve and keep this area clean for future explorers to discover.

For more information and if you want to become a part of the solution and have fun doing it please visit us at


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