• 的照片 Boz Dağ
  • 的照片 Boz Dağ
  • 的照片 Boz Dağ
  • 的照片 Boz Dağ
  • 的照片 Boz Dağ

移动时间  2小时 31分钟

时间  7小时 48分钟

路线点数 6419

上传日期 2020年10月10日

记录日期 十月 2020

2,127 m
757 m
47.89 km

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邻近 Kemer, İzmir (Türkiye)

Great track with some hairy hill descents and tight trails but some amazing scenery and beautiful nature. Special thanks to the shepherds who made this possible by directing some routes! Expect to use up a whole day and camp on trail or just after.

(Ignore the random stint up a mountain, I made wrong turn, those Shepherds helped me out the track will only fit a horse up that way so save yourself the time)