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难易度   困难

时间  7小时 44分钟

航迹点数 1533

上传日期 2012年5月4日

记录日期 七月 2008

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3,335 m
1,894 m
9.23 km

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邻近 Minzhuang, Taiwan (Taiwan)

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    void 2016-12-16

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    I did this route Dec 15, 2016 as part of Wuling quadruple climbing trip. Kalahei summit offers no view at all as it is completely surrounded by plants. First half from Tao to Kalahei is tough, second is easy. Recommend to anyone who wants to experience what mountains in Taiwan are alike. Route to Tao is well marked so it is easy to follow (you do not really need gps to stay on the path). It is a popular mountain so most probably you will not be alone. Not technical but tough because of altitude you will gain. Back from Kalahei to Tao it took me a bit less than 2h but the distance according to info stands along the way is only 3.5km. Keep this in mind!

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