I’m 60. My lovely wife is my best friend and my exercise partner. She keeps me motivated. I have a wonderful daughter that I couldn’t be more proud of.
In 2010 I survived a stroke and in 2017 I had a quadruple bypass. Needless to say I have crappy genes and need to stay active. I can’t run, swim, or bike but I love to walk and hike.

会员从 五月 2019

  • Car towed

    0.85 km - 简单

    邻近 Shipyard Plantation, South Carolina (United States)

    • sschwend
  • Hilton Head

    3.22 km - 简单

    邻近 Forest Beach, South Carolina (United States)

    • sschwend
  • Tybee Island

    4.43 km - 简单

    邻近 Tybee Island, Georgia (United States)

  • Savannah

    2.77 km - 中等

    邻近 Robert M Hitch Village / Fred Wessels Homes, Georgia (United States)

  • South Boston

    5.38 km - 简单

    邻近 South Boston, Virginia (United States)

    • sschwend
  • Tunnel Creek Winery

    6.78 km - 简单

    邻近 Rogersville, North Carolina (United States)

  • Spruce Run

    4.77 km - 简单

    邻近 Polktown, New Jersey (United States)

  • Lambertville

    7.03 km - 中等

    邻近 Lambertville, New Jersey (United States)

    • sschwend
  • Moore

    4.82 km - 中等

    邻近 Moore, New Jersey (United States)

    • sschwend
  • Maple Point

    4.53 km - 简单

    邻近 Maple Point, Pennsylvania (United States)