259 m
-3 m
69.55 km

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near Limassol, Eparchía Lemesoú (Cyprus)

An amazing experience designed for both adventure and sight seeing
Start from molos park that is near city's old port 
We directed to the well known Laydiesmile Beach passing from Limassol Marina and city's new port,
We are exploiting the beautiful nature, driving along the salt lake up to,
Monastery of Saint Nicolas of the Cats, there before, 
Visiting Acrotiri Bay, going through motocross track, graphic Monasteries - beautiful sand hills places, turtles nesting beaches and at last..
the Acrotiri's Ship wreck which is a magnificent point for commemorative photos
Then we directed to the famous Beach called Curium for a break, 
An adventurous route follows through Kourris river along Kantou traditional village,
Break time to an amazing place at Kourris dam
Next stop is at the ancient Kolossi castle before our return
Stops for soft drinks photos or lunch are available after request. 
You will enjoy it !!! 


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