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邻近 Yangshuo, Guangxi (China)

Fantastic and varied scenery.


  • alipapa 2012-4-14

    I like to drive this track, there is only one problem, I have a full dutch driverlicense also international but I am not allowed to drive for example a motorbike because I don`t have that *!*!* Chinese license.
    All over the world I am allowed to drive any vehicle exept China, my only question is how do you drive overthere? (illegal ?)
    I am now in China for the 6e time and will leave 30 April from Xiamen! Just tell me how to and I will go for it!

  • 的照片 apollomarco

    apollomarco 2012-4-24

    Hi Arie,

    It is not possible to drive in China on an International Driving Permit, and it is difficult for a foreigner to obtain a Chinese driving licence - a real pain! There are many places to hire a motorbike in Yangshuo and most of them will assume you don't have a Chinese licence anyway! Unless you're riding a large motorcycle, the authorities are not usually concerned, although like many things you've got to weigh up the risk yourself. Most motorcycles for hire are 100cc, but try and get a 125cc if you're going on more rugged tracks. The laws constantly change in China, and apparently it is now possible to obtain a temporary provisional licence immediately at some of the major airports. I haven't experienced this myself but will investigate this the next time I'm in Beijing. It may be worth enquiring whether Xiamen airport has this facility.

    Enjoy your ride!

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