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near Heliu, Taiwan (Taiwan)

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    void 2018-1-1

    This is approximate track of the Zhuilu old trail. I listed this route as moderate because there are no real technical difficulties but only first 3km are easy. Officially after walking those 3 km you should return back the same way but let's leave this option to kids and pregnant women.
    The rest of the route is not maintained any longer (shame on Taroko NP officials) and nature takes over the best way it can. That means there might be fallen trees on the way, you will need to get over a small landslide and vegetation does its best to hide the track thus making passage difficult. Gloves are highly recommended even for a very warm day as some leaves cut your skin easily. The most spectacular views are offered around at approximately 3 km and 8 km marks. Navigating last kilometer is difficult as you will walk along river bed and through dense bushes in the last hundrend meters or so.
    According to the information stand at the finish route is 10.3 km in length and takes ~7h to complete.
    Last thing to mention: officially you need a permit even to walk those first 3km of the Zhuilu old trail (there is a security checkpoint at the entry point), the remaining part is closed! However if you hate stupid Taiwan's NP rules as much as I do arrive very early, like 6:30 am (I suppose security guard arrives ~7 am), check that nobody is watching you, climb over the gates and cross suspension bridge quickly. If you do so remember that you will not be able to return the easy way before that guard is gone because he may ask you to show your permit.
    For more details feel free to contact me by PM.

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