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  • 的照片 View if the valley
  • 的照片 Tianchi lake
  • 的照片 Tianchi lake

时间  4小时 22分钟

航迹点数 891

上传日期 2015年5月1日

记录日期 五月 2015

2,322 m
1,902 m
9.74 km

浏览次数: 452次 , 下载次数: 6次

邻近 Tianchi, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China)

Tianchi-Escaping from crazy crowd

View if the valley

View if the valley

Tianchi lake

Tianchi lake


  • kvn99 2016-3-12

    How did you return to the start? Is it possible to return by boat ?

  • 的照片 Krzy

    Krzy 2018-5-8

    Hi Stambozzo

    thank you for posting this hike. I tried to follow you but due to low visibility was bit afraid to wander off the main round the lake trail - especially as your hike seemed to be going through an open fields for some time which was not the best idea in 20m visibility i had on my day in the park.

    Never the less - thank you for posting it as it was one of the reason i decided to go to this lake against my initial concerns of being heavily restrictive in terms of area open for access.

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