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上传日期 2019年2月20日

记录日期 二月 2019

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邻近 Huxing, Taiwan (Taiwan)

Taipei Grand Hike - South Section 1
This is where the bus stops.
There is a map and several breakfast shops here.
Bridge over a stream with interesting pothole erosion.
A small temple with a rest pavilion.
在交界处的一座寺庙。台北大道直奔。 右转至北兴寺(20分钟),然后向着骊山桥小径(30分钟)下行。
The first view of Taipei 101 with a mountain gym and rest area.
Taipei Grand Trail goes straight on.
To the right, you can see the ridge line you’ve just walked up.
This is the high point of the hike. The 壯 character post is here.
These have been reopened since the grand hike was opened.
A very boring peak.
Another old rope trail which has now been closed.
Head down to the right.
这是我在台北最喜欢的神社之一。我不知道为什么,我喜欢它。 左转,快速但值得绕道至木之山。
Here the Taipei Grand Trail heads left down the smaller trail.
The trail is a little tougher here
Newly roped section
Follow the signs
A small shrine with a sheltered rest area.
Head down the steps
A small shrine or temple to multiple deities.
The trail hits the road here and turns left.
在寺庙的外面,台北大道沿着旧的小径向新坡岭左转。 右转下坡前往Te Hsing煤矿小道头。
The trail hits another road and turns right.
The trail turns left up to Tudi Gong Ridge
The trail heads through bamboo
一个非常酷的寺庙,有喷泉,厕所和几个神。 从这里开始沿着小路走。
The trail goes up here.
Follow the Taipei Grand trail sticker: 往中埔山.
The Taipei Grand Trail goes straight.
A rest shelter on the peak. Toilet at the back.
Take a right downhill.
Ignore the road and follow the trail to the right.
Ignore the road and follow the trail through a shelter and down.
在一些水上的桥梁带你到路径的尽头。在这里您可以找到地图和厕所。 除此之外还有历史悠久的军事隧道的遗迹。
Turn right and walk towards the MRT station.


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