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邻近 Shuangxigou, Taiwan (Taiwan)

TGH的第三部分让你爬到台北市内的最高峰。在晴朗的日子里,您将获得周围地区360度全景的奖励。除了美丽的景色外,这条路线还可以欣赏到Mount Ding山 - Shiti Trail山上一些非常宜人的森林和山脊景色。
This is the entry point to Huang gui zui
Follow diversion to Qingtiangang
Left to Qingtiangang
Qixing Shan is getting close now. Head straight over
Right at the bottom of the stand of trees
Over the bridge.
Head right towards qixing shan entrance
Both paths leading away head to the picnic table area. It’s another 1.2km up.
Left along the track, then take the right stone trail.
Right towards the main peak


    You can or this trail