694 m
633 m
8.22 km

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邻近 Mont Rigi, Wallonia (Belgique)

Vaalserberg, Signal de Botrange and Kneif.
Well we did this as a bit of a laugh really as I had figured out that it would be very possible to do the three highest Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) points in one day. With not one of them being over 700m high, each with easy literally drivable summits and all within an hour and a half of each other it would be actually quite hard to get even a good walk out of it. This however we did stretching the limit on each hill. There are no directions given, simply follow the gpx track. If you get lost it will not be the end of the world!

Vaalserberg 321m, Holland.
8.2km, 2hr 22min, ascent 180m.
Adequate parking at the start point. This was in the main a lovely forest walk to take in the country HP of Holland. Parking at the start and a busy tourist orientated summit with loads of cafes and parking if you don’t want to hike it. There is even a viewing tower to add a few meters more to your height gain!

Signal de Botrange, 694m, Belgium.
8km, 2hrs, ascent 96m.
A flat forest and duckboard walk through lovely countryside to take in Belgium’s country HP. The duckboards take you over marshland and even though it is very flat we enjoyed ourselves. Parking and restaurant at the start and at the ‘summit.’

Kneif, 560m, Luxembourg.
3.7km, 44min, ascent 62m.
An unremarkable hike to take in Luxembourg’s country HP. We took in the white spot marker for Kneiff’s summit top along with the Buurgplaz tower (disputed top). You can drive to both tops but we walked. A nice scenic walk and plenty of parking at the start point.