233 m
33 m
6.32 km

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邻近 Tianliao, Guangdong (China)

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  • 的照片 Crocadilla Pig

    Crocadilla Pig 2015-1-25

    Don't do this trail as it is, some good bits and some bad bits :-

    The ridge line trial and the trail down into the valley are awesome.
    I came back up the greenway to the ridge saddle and took the left fork back up the hill, somehow I missed the trail and ended up going nr to the edge of the quarry, Lots of recent rock falls, looked a bit scary so went straight up back to the ridgeline (horrible scramble).
    At the end where I turned left on ridge line go straight on, the left turn takes you along a trail right on the edge the quarry face with 50 - 100m vertical drops to your left. It comes out in a waste recycling area too, pretty nasty.
    Going do it again next weekend to get a better trail route.

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