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1,347 m
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邻近 Xóm Hai, Lào Cai (Vietnam)

Physically easy but technically moderate due to mud. Very slippery and you may need to ford some streams... But amazingly beautiful!!! There may be easier alternatives in some parts of the trek.
You can probably do this tour by yourself, but I strongly recommend hiring a local guide. It will improve your experience, help your contacts with locals, and you will be contributing to the local economy instead of just passing and using their limited facilities and resources without repaying them back in some way.

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    És una ruta similar a la més turística. Pero te alguns desviaments que són molt millors que la ruta normal.
    Hi ha algun tram de pujada costosa.
    Al final pots trobar transport que et porta a sapa.
    Gracies per la ruta!

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