1,201 m
637 m
13.38 km

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邻近 Mesógeion, North Aegean (Greece)

A rather easy walk from Mesogio (Μεσογειο, alt. 600 mtr) to the highest -- top of the eastern mountain region of Samos (Karvounis mountain range, Καρβουνης, alt 1150 mtr). At the dome-shaped top you will find the chapel of Prophitis Ilias, with splendid views over eastern Samos and Turkey. At the top are some weird objects. I think they served once a military purpose. But you also can look at the place being a basketball field for 'Samian Giants'. Who will tell?

North-east you can see a more real mountain peak: Lazarou (Λαζαρου). Access is from the north side of Karvounis (starting at Moni Vrondha)


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