1,220 m
3 m
15.35 km

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邻近 Samariá, Crete (Greece)

Walk down the Samaria Gorge. No GPS is needed, the path is clear at all times. It is highly recommended you get there early in the morning. Check opening times and try to get there early. You will avoid the large crowds, you will enjoy better the gorge and get nicer pictures :)

Moderate for the length, steepness and hot weather (towards the end).


  • 的照片 ₩aylander

    ₩aylander 2014-8-13

    Wonderful trail, with breathtaking landscapes. The path is totally downhill, but not simple because of the rocky road. I suggest to leave the car in the parking, and after the hike take the ferry at Agia Roumeli and then the bus for Omalos to recover the car. Check the ferry timetable in advance.

  • 00britney 2015-5-31

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    i did the hike last year, it was a remarkable experience. as mentioned the trail is always clear. about every 2 kilometres there's a 'resting space' with toilets and a opportunity to refill your water bottle with fresh water from the spring.

  • 的照片 giuseppe.mari

    giuseppe.mari 2016-4-20

    How can you reach back to the starting point ? Is there any taxi bus to call at arrival ? thanks

  • 00britney 2016-4-20

    as you reach the end of the hike you enter a small village. from there you need to take the ferry. as far as i know and judging by waylanders comment you will find a bus that will take you to the parking lot if you leave the ferry at the first stop. i would recommend to look into an organized tour (i.e. including bus), they are offered everywhere on the island.

  • gorece 2018-9-3

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    Per arrivare al mare lentamente occorrono 7/8 ore..
    Occorrono 5 ore camminando a velocità media fermandosi davvero poco al contrario di quanto scritto nella guida..
    Si consiglia di partire x tempo, non oltre le 10, altrimenti non riuscirete a godervi nulla, sarà solo una corsa contro il tempo x arrivare alle 1730 al mare x prendere il traghetto..

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