2,734 m
1,988 m
13.5 km

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邻近 Drakhtik, Gegharkʼunikʼ (አርሜኒያ)

This route starts from Drakhtik village located in Gegharkunik province. Karktasar mountain (2750 m) is the highest mountain of Aregouni mountain range surrounding Sevan lake. While making loop of 2 mountains we passes also through Khaytasar mountain.
Karktasar and Putaqar (2743 m) peaks are very close to each other, but every summit has its own ''special'' view. From the top of the mountains you'll have fantastic view of Sevan lake and Ijevan mountains.
The length of the trail is 13.5 km.

Season: from the end of April till October
Best season: May, June


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