2,284 m
2,133 m
15.39 km

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邻近 Loganville, California (United States)

We made a loop by taking the PCT out and dirt roads back. The roads have closer in views from the west side of the ridge, while the PCT on the east side of the ridge has some nice long range and lake views. The loop is a mix of open and forested. This is not one of the more isolated sections of the PCT but it is easy to access.

The roads and the PCT also meet above Deer Lake which is worth the side trip via a steep dirt road.

At the far end we left the PCT where it crossed a 4WD road from Gold Lake which we followed to Summit Lake, which is really more of a pond.

The return roads from Summit Lake to our starting point probably don’t need 4WD except for at Deer Lake where there is a cliff like section that would require a serious off road vehicle to ascend going south. There were a few vehicles using the road between Butcher Ranch road and Deer Lake, but it was not heavily trafficked. There are more roads (that don’t always match the map) and trails than signs, so you need to pay attention to navigation.

The PCT is one of the many Butcher Ranch roads between road 621 and the official trail head to the South of where we started. Packer Lake road, road 621 and Butcher Ranch Roads are good condition paved roads. While we stopped at the first parking we came to, Butcher Ranch Road continues on as an easy gravel road a short distance to the official PCT trail head that has signs and more parking. There are no fees or facilities.