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Time  5 hours 10 minutes

Coordinates 1653

Uploaded 2018年8月20日

Recorded 七月 2018

632 m
534 m
9.9 km

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near Jawbone Flats (historical), Oregon (United States)

Relatively easy trail. Some people come to stay overnight at the camp cabins that they book in advance. The trail that runs on the Northern side of the creek is in fact a road that is used by camp maintenance crew. We saw a note about a museum at the camp. But it was closed when we came to the camp. We looked at the old machinery and returned by the Southern side of the creek and crossed the creek by the Kapetski bridge.
Trail is in fact relatively wide road through the old forest.
The first bridge on the trail with creek and pools about 30 meters below.
Right after the bridge you will see the information stand telling about local flowers
Sometimes you can see young shoots growing on the old stumps
Small creek running through tree roots
Falls of two cascades with pools at the bottom of each
Small pool hidden from the trail. Good for refreshing soak after 5 miles


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