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  • 的照片 Montaña de la Muda
  • 的照片 Montaña de la Muda
  • 的照片 Montaña de la Muda

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上传日期 2016年8月10日

记录日期 八月 2016

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邻近 La Matilla, Canarias (España)

Short but fairly strenuous hike to the top of Montaña de Muda. There is parking on the FV-10 just across the road from the start of the trail between the junction with FV-207 and La Matilla. You'll see a trail notice board and a clear trail up to the left.
This walk starts the same as the marked trail to Fuentes de El Chupadero, but you turn right as you reach the ridge at the top rather than left. The walk/scramble to the peak is over rock and loose gravel, and is not family friendly. We stopped just before the final rock peak, as the east wind was blowing and it was getting a little hairy. I'm not sure that this would be safe even without the wind. Getting to the final peak looked really dangerous. Getting back down is more challenging than going up over the loose surface, so take it easy. The views from the top are amazing!


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