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邻近 North Bloomfield, California (United States)

A very pretty hike with the bonus of a good workout. The Missouri Bar Trail Ts into the South Yuba trail near the river. We then went west on the South Yuba Trail to 3.5 miles from the Humbug trailhead. Going east is roughly 8 miles to the Poorman Creek South Yuba Trail trailhead.

The Missouri Bar trail is 1.45 miles of a steady 16% grade with a 1,200 elevation change. The above average exertion is why I rate it a moderate hike instead of an easy hike. It is well maintained with good tree coverage and mostly local views. There are signs at the trailhead and at the T with the South Yuba Trail. Missouri Bar is the shortest way to get to this section of the South Yuba trail.

The South Yuba trail is easy with some short climbs and offers a number of side trails to the river and spectacular scenery. We took a well-used trail to a beach early on while the South Yuba Trail was still at river elevation. Highlights include (probably seasonal) water falls, the river, moss covered oaks and rocks. The trail is in good condition but there were occasional parts of downed trees and encroaching bushes bike riders should be alert for.

The Missouri Bar trailhead is located in Malakoff Diggings state park about an hour from Nevada City by paved roads to the park if you take 49 to Tyler Foot Road. The section of Relief Hill road from North Bloomfield to Buck road starts out paved but soon turned into a good condition dirt road that did not require a high clearance vehicle though there were a few water carved ruts to dodge. You can play it safe and park at the intersection of Relief Hill Road and Buck Road near the dead end sign. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can drive another 800’ to parking at the official trailhead; we were there after a heavy rain which added several soft mud holes that could be a challenge to cross.

There is an interesting old boiler in the bushes just off the west side of Relief Hill road just past a T intersection with a unnamed? dirt road about 0.6 miles from the turnoff from North Bloomfield at 39.3619 -120.8957. Easy to miss if are not looking for it.

Parking requires self-pay of a $5 or $10 day use fee paid outside of the museum near the intersection of North Bloomfield and Relief Hill Road. Bathrooms and water are available nearby as well as old buildings and mining relics to gawk at. The museum is worth a visit when it is open and you can also pay for parking inside. https://malakoffdigginsstatepark.org/

Adding up two different hikes, I believe it is 7.5 miles from the Missouri Bar trailhead to the Humbug trailhead one way by trails and it is easy to drive between them.