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  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal
  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal
  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal
  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal
  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal
  • 的照片 Linlithgow Canal

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邻近 Philpstoun, Scotland (United Kingdom)

A walk along the Union Canal at Linlithgow. The path is hard surface and absolutely level unless you choose to do the optional detour into Linlithgow.

The first 1 mile (and last obviously) is through open countryside thereafter you are walking along above the town with views over the town with Linlithgow Palace and loch prominent. You pass the canal basin where there are boat trips available but check for timings. There is also a cafe but only at weekends during the summer.

The trails shows the optional detour through Linlithgow but if you stick to the canal it is a 5 mile there and back walk. I have started at the Park Farm and Bistro where there is ample free parking alongside the canal (both sides). Alternatively you could start at the other end which is in the carpark of the Sports and Leisure Complex (where once again there is ample free parking)

The Park Farm and Bistro is about half a mile from Junction 3 on the M9. You can get a meal or a snack or just a cup of tea or can of juice at the Bistro.




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