2,300 m
1,037 m
17.88 km

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near Lëpushë, Shkodër (Albania)

To my opinion this is the best hiking trail in Albania. The view is amazing and it changes as you walk through alps. Combined with organic food you can find both in Lepushe and Theth it was the best weekend I have spent on the mountains.

I marked the trail as difficult because the trail is long and in some specific places you need some hiking experience.

Feel free to contact me if you need any other information.


  • klajdi.turlla 2015-10-6

    Amazing route :-)

  • henridibra82 2015-10-7

    I modh je

  • Eva Rama 2015-10-7


  • Photo of Albania Adventure

    Albania Adventure 2015-10-8

    Bravo Olsi

  • Photo of bshehual02@yahoo.com

    bshehual02@yahoo.com 2017-12-28

    Fantastike Olsi.

  • anton pepaj 2018-1-22

    As u said this one
    Perhaps is the best trail in Albania
    It goes through two if the best valleys in Nord Albania
    But it is very difficult for someone who
    Hasnt experience
    And something else
    U better check out the weather because in these places fogs are very in common

  • Photo of hodac

    hodac 2018-8-17

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    A very nice trail.

  • Jeff Bartlett 2018-9-10

    Is there any water on the route?

  • Photo of hodac

    hodac 2018-9-10

    Yes there are a couple of springs on the way

  • EvaRama 2018-9-10

    Jeff BArlet if you mean river, stream or flow, no.

  • Jeff Bartlett 2018-9-10

    Anything to drink if we overnight on route?

  • Jeff Bartlett 2018-9-10

    Anything to drink if we overnight??

  • anton pepaj 2018-9-10

    Two hours from berizhdoli peak is a shepherd who lives there
    U can camp there and have a basic dinner with sheep milk products and bread 😂

  • Photo of hodac

    hodac 2018-9-11

    Yes, info sent by Ana is correct

  • zweigelt11 2019-8-9

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Schöne Tour, aber sehr anstrengend und schwierig

  • Merve Albayrak 2019-8-20

    Hello, I am planning to do this trail. Is the path well marked?

You can or this trail