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Moving time  5 hours 13 minutes

Time  6 hours 41 minutes

Coordinates 4029

Uploaded 2019年8月16日

Recorded 八月 2019

718 m
176 m
22.97 km

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near England Creek, Queensland (Australia)

*Read This First*

This hike is on mostly good grade Firetrails. However, the track along Stonehouse Break is very dodgy in a bunch of sections, where you will be on all fours due to the fine rubble and loose leaves/ground.

There is also a section that we got alittle off track on..just after we crossed the creek on Stonehouse Break.
You actually need to climb over the fence there and bush bash alittle until you find the continuation of Stonehouse Break.

This Exploration was actually recorded as 25.7 kms on our Garmin.


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