难易度   中等

Moving time  51分钟

时间  6小时 22分钟

航迹点数 637

上传日期 2018年4月5日

记录日期 四月 2018

3,497 m
3,154 m
12.32 km

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邻近 Lamasi, Sichuan (China)

Apologies for a gaps in GPS. This seems to be caused by my phone shutting down wikiloc app due to some energy savings setting. I have disabled the settings or so i thought.

Never the less - this was a return hike from the camp site up in the valley all the way down to the entrance of the park.

You can read about the hike up the valley on my separate recording so i only focus on differences here.

In order not to walk the same path again this time we walked all the way along the horses path. If you follow all the way the horses path I suspect you might be able to actually enter the valley bypassing the ticket gate - but i am not sure. Not tested.

Personally i much more enjoyed the horses way as it is actually a natural unpaved path along the east side of the creek. The west side tourists trail is all elevated timber deck which is more comfortable and has better views - but feels more of an orchestrated controlled environment that some might find slightly to neat. Walking donkeys way on contrary is muddy and not neat at all. Make sure you have good boots if you want to take this one.

The very last section i gave 100% to test myself if i my oxygen efficiency has improved since two days earlier and i have to admit - i could actually walk up the stair as fast as at sea level - although sweating way more.


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