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  • 的照片 Kallur Lighthouse
  • 的照片 Kallur Lighthouse
  • 的照片 Kallur Lighthouse

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邻近 Trøllanes, Eysturoyar sýsla (Føroyar)

At the end of the village climb the short, steep slope then contour around to the right of while keeping your altitude or walking upwards. There is no clear path to get to the lighthouse. There are a lot of sheep carved paths, just try to find a wide one to walk comfortably (not always possible).

Views of Trollanes and Gjógv, cliffs, ... are breathtaking.

BTW, the route back from the lighthouse was not recorded correctly (straight line). That's no problem as you have to head back the way you came.


  • piroska 2014-7-7

    Puffins on the rock.

  • Mostraum 2016-8-2

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    There's one part in the middle when you have to walk sideways on a steep hill. We had a few people in our group that needed help here, so bring walking sticks if you have balance issues.
    Wonderful view!

  • 的照片 juancrusoe

    juancrusoe 2018-2-6

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    Breathtaking scenery. Though the island and its lighthouse are remote, they’re worth the trek.

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