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邻近 Jiezi, Sichuan (China)

Jiezi Ancient Town hike

Ancient town of Jiezi. The top attraction in this region.

Indeed the town is very charming with couple of water channels criss crossing it and a section of large water body that perhaps used to be a river but not feeld more of a stagnant.
There are two interesting bridges spanning across the river, one of which is pedestrians and the other is actually an aqueduct. Designed to look ancient the aqueduct is actually just few decades old modern concrete structure cladded to appear much older.

The best part of the city is probably wandering slowly along the river or relaxing in one of river facing lounges.

Few kilometers north and across the river there seems to be a temple which we thought would be a good hiking opportunity but haven't tried it as we didn't have enough time.

Just across the river from the main plaza there is a new built very well architectured visitor centre not yet open to the public. Building has been published in some international press:

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