• 的照片 Jiankou Mt
  • 的照片 Jiankou Mt
  • 的照片 Jiankou Mt
  • 的照片 Jiankou Mt
  • 的照片 Jiankou Mt

航迹点数 88

上传日期 2018年1月1日

记录日期 一月 2018

2,455 m
14 m
7.51 km

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邻近 Heliu, Taiwan (Taiwan)

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  • 的照片 void

    void 2018-1-1

    Approximate gpx track of the route to use as a reference only. The best way is to follow colored ribbons every few/dozen meters along the way. A bit disappointing hike as there was practically only few spots which offered a decent view of surroundings. Very wild place, you are unlikely to meet lots of people (I met only two actually). As it is kind of normal for less visited routes parts of the track are almost completely overgrown by different plants (for that gloves are recommended). Difficult because of ~2000 m of vertical gain up and then down the same way.

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