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邻近 Kosoíkia, North Aegean (Greece)

This is an easy and safe walk to visit Atheras Cliff. You will enjoy terrific views of the southern side of the island and, at the same time, you will be able to distinguish parts of the northern coastline.
This proposal has been inspire by one suggested at Ikaria Island a book that is worth to buy. http://www.ikariaguidebook.com/
The starting point is in the route from Evdilos to Magganitis, just behind the church of Agios Dimitros. If you drive from Evdilos you will find a huge area to park in the left side of the route before the church.
The hike is not properly marked. At the beginning you find some spots and some cairns but quickly they disappear. On the other hand, as the terrain is rocky, you do not distinguish any path. But that is not a problem: there is not vegetation and you will not find difficulties to progress. You have to go up and be careful if you approach the cliff. Between the waypoints consider our track only as a way to check your direction.
Pay attention that in WP1 it starts a path that go down to Plagia. Of course you avoid to take it and continue going up. In WP2 the scenery is impressive and even more in WP3 where there is a vertical datum, visible from far, that can help you to maintain your direction.


Avoid the path going down


Impressive views


Vertical datum


    You can or this trail