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邻近 Rock Landing, Connecticut (United States)

This is another trail I visited while discovering many of the trails found in the Hurd State Forest. This one starts near the pavilion and heads up a hill. It is short because we elected to bushwhack up and over a hill to another path. As with most of the trails in Hurd Park, it was blazed. I suggest that if your going to venture out on the trails in this park that you get a GPS and mark your parking spot. You can use your smartphone if you so wish, but a handheld GPS like the Etrex 20 is better because it has longer battery life and it is rugged! I have a website with some general information about hiking etc. The trails are mainly about Florida, so you may not be interested in that part of the website – www.tomchoma.com Happy trails to all!

Entered Trail

Entered trail

Left Trail to Cut Over

Left Trail

Parking Area


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