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near Beixinzhuang, Beijing (China)

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Xiangshan reservoir

A small reservoir on the way


  • Photo of NancyChicagoHiking

    NancyChicagoHiking 2012-9-5

    Hello Simba,
    I came across this outing (Hiking from Badachu to Xiangshan Park). I live close to Chicago, Illinois, USA and will be visiting Beijing in October 2012. I would like to hike/walk this route. I tried to get more information using the site, but I was unable to, probably due to the language. Is it possible for you to send me printable detail of this route in English? Thank you. Sincerely, Nancy Blaine

  • hikerLeen 2019-9-22

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    As Xiangshan Park is now fully enclosed by a wall, it’s no longer possible to follow this route till the end. You can walk around Xiangshan Park though (where the route hits the wall, just keep following the main road). It makes the walk 3-4 kilometers longer, but it’s still a nice walk, fairly quiet even on a Sunday.

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