1,006 m
85 m
13.3 km

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邻近 Xinshan, Guangdong (China)

Scout Bai Yun Zhang

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  • 的照片 Crocadilla Pig

    Crocadilla Pig 2015-4-27

    Nice trail up and over the saddleback and down through the country park on the other side.
    From the park entrance / exit at the bottom of the valley it takes the Ancient Rd up and round to a small parking lot.
    The trail carries on behind the toilets on the right had side up a small concrete path and then a scramble up the slope, it follows the valley along the side.
    Eventually you come to the river bed and a difficult accent up the valley. At the top of the valley a ridgeline trail runs up through a bamboo forest and some shrubby long grass as you approach the summit.
    I posted this trail as difficult due to the rock climbing required up the river bed. Factor in at least 7 hours at a reasonable pace.

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