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邻近 Nohyŏng-dong, Jeju-do (South Korea)

<< GPS elevation values are corrupted. The trial actually goes only up to 1700m >>>

Nohyŏng-dong - Sangmun-dong
Eorimok Trail up,
Yongil Trail down,
Bust stop to Bus stop

Hike 5th May 2019
Start time 8:13am from the bus stop at Eorimok end.

There is only one bus line that goes to the west Hallasan trails. You will need to take bus 240 from Jeju Si bus terminal heading to Jeju Convention Centre at the south coast. The bus runs once every hour. The departure times at Jeju Si Bus Terminal are very precise, but the return bus from the Trail end is slightly random.

I have arrived at the Jeju Si Bus terminal at 6:50am and had to wait till 7:30 for my bus to depart. It was supposed to take over one hour to reach the Eorimok trail, however as it turned out i was already at the trail at 8:13. You will still need to walk 1.2km along the road to the actual trail entrance at Eorimok end, and 2.5km at Yongli end. On my way back i also had to wait about 30 minutes for the bus to arrive.

Once on the bus they seem to be running faster than the schedule / naver suggests.

Most of hikers were dressed in a good outdoor jackets and thermal under layers, and some had their mouth covered. On the other hand i have also seen plenty of korean girls wearing t-shirts and yoga pants only. For me as soon as forest cleared out the wind was bit too much and i had to put on a proper all weather jacket, cover my mouth and even put my hoodie on.

Most of hikers seemed to be quite fit on the Eorimok trail, which is by far less less congested than the other. I have overtaken perhaps 10 or so of other hikers, and been overtaken by another 5 or so. There were not that many walking down yet, perhaps another 30ppl. The Yeongsil on the other hand is totally different. Its fully packed with people walking up and down. There was also a queue for the cars to enter the car park. Seemed they keep the one in one out policy on busy days like today.

1. Get a Bus Pass at the airport convenience store. Each bus ride is 1150 KRW, so 15000 to 20000 should last you for 4-5 days easily.
2. GOOGLE MAPS are restricted in Korea to very basic functions only. Use either NAVER MAPS or KAKAO MAPS.
3. Make sure to bring INTERNATIONAL DRIVING LICENSE if you want to rent a car or a scooter. Buses are convenient, but only the main 4 lines run every 20 min, the rest of the buses are either every 40 or 60 minutes .


  • 的照片 Krzy

    Krzy 2019-5-5

    No hiking poles. I felt I was relatively slow. Locks wore t-shirts while I was wearing 1 t-shirt, 2 long sleeves and winter outer jacket

    Trail food:
    - 2 korean rice cakes
    - 1 small bag of cookies
    - 500ml of water (finished at the bus stop)

  • 的照片 Krzy

    Krzy 2019-5-5

    According to the map this hike should take 3.5h up and 2.5h down.

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