Time  3 hours 48 minutes

Coordinates 1042

Uploaded 2012年11月2日

Recorded 十月 2009

1,939 m
576 m
8.66 km

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near Minpat, Jeju (South Korea)

Hike of Hallasan from the north side. This is the shorter, but steeper route. The first part of the trail is not steep, but is very rocky with uneven footing. Once the trail starts to get steeper, it has stairs almost the entire way. Start early because rangers make people leave the summit at 3 pm. The route shown is only one way. The hike took 3:45 going up and 2:30 going down at a moderate pace. I rated it moderate because of the evelvation gain and length.
Good view point
Samgakbong Shelter
21-OCT-09 6:51:39PM


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