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时间  4小时 2分钟

航迹点数 1624

上传日期 2019年2月28日

记录日期 二月 2019

485 m
35 m
9.8 km

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邻近 Lingtou, Taiwan (Taiwan)

A lovely, watery walk alongside rivers and old irrigation canals.

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Head left up, toilets here
Cross over
Head left and up
Up and over
Dogs guard their point. They barked and ran away.
Head past the Adventist American School
Head straight
Head straight following the water
Keep following water
No entry here
Here the canal enters a tunnel
Turn left on road, then turn right down next lane.
Take the small path
Turn left
Head straight over and up
Go towards 7-11
Take the lower road.
Keep following the roar
Head down the steps
Head down the steps
Head down towards Zhishan road
Head left downhill


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