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near Daoyi, Liaoning (China)

April 2, 2016. Saturday. half hike and half drive. hiking 7.2 km. change to drive from Puhe bridge.


  • Photo of mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 2016-5-23

    The countryside river is interesting. I wonder if this is a good bicycle area, maybe a 20 to 50 km distance. The bike trails along the river in nearby Shenyang City are world class! 😃

  • Photo of Michael Liu

    Michael Liu 2016-5-24

    both Hunhe river south of Shenyang and Puhe river north of Shenyang are good for bicycling. each around 30km within the city. it is true you can go further. and another one, Liaohe river, much north of the city is also suitable for bicycling where is wilder and more butiful.

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