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  • Photo of Filandia
  • Photo of Filandia
  • Photo of Filandia

Moving time  2 hours 29 minutes

Time  4 hours 45 minutes

Coordinates 1704

Uploaded 2017年12月25日

Recorded 十二月 2017

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1,942 m
1,636 m
9.75 km

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near Filandia, Quindío (Republic of Colombia)

Very nice trail. Changing between fields and jungle. I recommend it only in dry weather. It’s sometimes muddy and slippery. The trail crosses the river two times.


  • alona1995 2018-3-31

    Beautiful trail, although not an easy one to follow. We lost & found it a few times until finally managed to lose it for good and got completely lost after the second river crossing. Got our way out by a Moto taxi from one of the nearby farms. There are multiple horse trail over there and it gets confusing. If you go after or during rainy days be prepared for a muddy trail.

  • pmverheul 2019-1-29

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    Excellent, fun, quite demanding hike, lots of diversity, magnificent landscapes and views. Easy to get lost without the app, especially around the two river crossings. At the first one we took off our shoes and waded through; at the second crossing we had to search around for a while to find out where to pass. Some pretty steep slopes along sandy / muddy mule tracks. Probably impossible after rain, because we did it in dry season and it was still quite slippery at times.

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