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邻近 Shuangxigou, Taiwan (Taiwan)

Feng gui zui to Dahu Station
Follow the road right
The trail heads away from the road here. It’s signposted as heading towards Neihu and Meihuashan.
Just left of trail
Head left
When you reach the road keep right on the footpath. There is a map here.
Head right briefly to visit meihua Shan, then back to the left.
The sign says to head right.
Head right
Follow the signs straight
Right towards Neihu and Bishan
Head right up the road
Bishan is up to left
Head straight
Head right following signs
Head left
Head right down hill
A mountainside shelter and farm
Head left
Head left downhill following signs to Pitou
Sharp left
Head to see the lake first. There are fish and frogs here. I skis saw a turtle.
Head right downhill
Cross the road and head down the wooden steps.
Under the shelter and turn right.
Indicating the direction towards yuanjue waterfall
Just left of the trail
Keep left
Head right to love lake
At the top of the stairs head left
Head towards Baishihu bridge
Head down
View from the temple cafe
At the road head over and down


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